Sunday, October 21, 2007

Twenty Years Ago..."The Magnificent Seven!"

Aegis #161
October 25, 1987

“The Magnificent Seven”
Gamemaster: Doug Fisher

Acting team leader Prism was dispatched to investigate a break-in at the residence of one Dr. Valarik Jarlson, better known as Thunderfist (seen at right). Upon her arrival, she found the house in disarray, with burn marks on the walls. After feeling a slight tremor, she went outside to find the police who had arrived, temporarily blinded and off their feet. Following this investigation, a man named Jonathan Hawker reported a break-in at his house as well. This led the team to believe that the previous homes of the former Aegis member Smite were the targets of a nefarious search. Anticipating the villains’ next target, the team went to a U-Store-It facility where some of Smite’s belongings had been moved. Lying in wait were the Magnificent Seven, with an ambush at the ready. Seeing through the setup, Aegis arrived ready to do battle.

When the fight was over, Prism was severely burned, Silverwing was blinded, Willforce was slashed, and Star Knight got pounded. The villains’ objective was to find Smite’s Super Soldier serum, but they were defeated.

These are my notes from the second adventure in which I played Silverwing. This was the way of the Aegis campaign. When the gamemaster started to get worn out, someone else would step up. Scott was the ultimate arbiter of what went on in the world, but each of us took a turn running once in a while. This was epecially true in 1987, when Scott was in a horrific car accident. He had a broken hip and was in traction for a month. He wasn’t able to drive for several weeks after that, either. When he got out of the hospital, I drove him to South Bend from his home in Paw Paw, Michigan. Craig Merrick, who ran occasional adventures with Scott, had to take over for several adventures, and Doug had these stories ready to go when Scott returned.

And by coincidence, today is Doug’s birthday. Happy birthday, loser!

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