Monday, October 29, 2007

Attack of the Corn Cannon!

Foomp!That's right, it's a corn cannon. It's basically a tube hooked up to an air compressor. You shove an old corn cob down the tube and when the pressure is built up, you pull the trigger. The corn flies out at about 90 miles per hour. We saw one in action yesterday at Thistleberry Farms, a nice little farm outside of South Bend where they have fun attractions for the whole family. Here in the midwest, we have to make use of our farmland after the harvest is over, and this is how we do it! First, there was a corn maze complete with trivia questions at certain intersections to help you find your way through. For you city folk, the corn stalks remain standing after the corn has been picked, and the farmers cut maze patterns out of them. I guess you could call it a maize maze. Then, there was a barn where you could see live horses, rabbits, and chickens. This was Sera's favorite part of the day by far. Here are some not-so-favorites:

Here is Sera abandoning the horse she had sat on for all of two seconds. She didn't enjoy it very much as you can see. Fortunately we didn't pay for a pony ride. We just wanted to see if she would sit yet. Maybe next year.

Here's Sera in the cat cutout. Again, didn't care for it.

At right is the entrance to the barn. This would mark her third trip inside to see the animals. This is what she enjoyed the most. She kind of wears her emotions out on her sleeve, doesn't she?

Thistleberry Farms also had pedal-powered go carts, a concession stand, and a playground set up. Sera loved the playground and we enjoyed a nice hot cider with whipped cream and caramel on top.
I've had better days, but not many!

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Martin said...

Jim, down here in the south we often have "Pumpkin Chunkin'" festivals. Folks make launchers for pumpkins. Similar concept - lots of fun to watch.