Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sera's 18 Month Portrait

This past weekend, we took Sera to the Japanese garden (yes, we do know the difference between Japan and China; it's just pretty, that's all) in Mishawaka to take pictures of her to send to my father, whose birthday was Monday. He doesn't have the internet or even a computer, you see, so we have to make physical prints and send them to him. It's all rather archaic if you ask me. He's the only one of my relatives who won't get a computer, and he is the one who would use it more than any other. He would never stop reading about the things he is interested in, like the Civil War, old cars, the Old West, etc.

I took 102 pictures of her with my Canon Rebel XT digital camera, and the one I took by accident came out the best. She was in the gazebo getting ready for another costume change when Magi asked her if she wanted to take that dress off. She immediately grabbed for her neck because she hates to have collars tight around her neck. I can't believe she's 18 months old already!

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Martin said...

Jim, Sera's really cute. She is growing up fast. Take all those pictures - you'll be happy you did years later.