Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Nine years ago today I married the most wonderful woman in the world. My wife Magi is the kindest, smartest, most loving, caring, generous, and hardest working woman I have ever met. In nine years we have always found a way to work out any disagreement that we may have well before the need to raise our voices.

My wife is a wonderful cook. She has expanded my palate in so many ways. Before I met her I thought there were three kinds of cheeses: American, Swiss, and mozzarella. Before I met her, I had never eaten crawfish, lobster, or lamb. Now I enjoy sumptuous meals that she takes special care to make. She's always looking for new recipes to try. She's even made sacrifices of her own preferences to make things less salty for me, and it is very much appreciated.

She is a good sport. Where our interests have not intersected, she has taken to mine like a fish to water. She knows baseball now. She can explain the infield fly rule. She actually enjoys the outdoors and camping. She went in a raft with me down a river! She'll go to comic book conventions with me and know what she's talking about when I discuss things at them. She plays games with me, which although it's how we met, was not a natural fit with her personality.

Magi is a wonderful mother to our daughter. Even when I do something completely stupid in front of Sera, she covers for me. She never lets Sera think less of me, even when she probably should.

I don't just love my wife, I respect her as well. It took a leap of faith for her to leave her life and family to move here from New Orleans. We met on the Internet, you see, and we had only spent about three weeks together in person over several visits before she moved here to be with me. That was a very brave thing to do, and I'm glad that she took that risk on me. I only hope that I can prove to her every day that it was a risk worth taking.

I love you, Magi. I always will.


Kate said...

What a lovely tribute! Congratulations and happy anniversary.

Kate said...
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Jim McClain said...

Thanks, Kate!

Theresa said...

I'm glad I was there! :P Happy anniversary! Love you!

KC Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary, Jim!

I feel the same way about my fiancee Maggie - though she's not nearly so adventurous in cooking stuff! :)


KC Ryan said...

Oh, heck, I must have left off the first paragraph or something.

Happy Anniversary, Jim, and many more. Glad to see you're so happy.


Wendy said...

Happy Anniversay Jim & Magi!!! Have fun on spring break. Be safe. I love and miss you guys!