Sunday, March 08, 2009


It's not dirty, I swear.

My daughter's favorite book of the moment is Pinkalicious. It's about a little girl who make pink cupcakes with pink frosting with her mom on a rainy day and she eats so many of them that she turns pink. It's a charming little book, and I read it to her virtually every night. Magi went to Indianapolis this morning with her business club from school for three days, so I prepared a special treat for Sera. This morning we made strawberry cupcakes with cherry frosting. Sounds disgusting, I know, but she was totally into it and it was the only way to make completely pink cupcakes that I could find. After she had eaten three of them as well as a grilled cheese sandwich, we watched the Wiggles and she took her nap.

We went out to Lunker's for dinner a while after when she got up from her nap. Sera was fascinated by the aquariums that line the outside of the restaurant area. She loved the camping equipment section, and had to check out a collapsible chair and matching table that I'm pretty sure I will end up buying before all is said and done. It will give her a play area at the campgrounds we visit. I had the cod tonight, and although cod is a mild fish, there was a POUND of it on my plate so it was great! Sera had the Rainbow Trout Treasures, little pieces of rainbow trout (obviously) shaped like sharks, whales, and yes, even trout! She liked it, especially the fries that came with it. She is a huge fan of French fries. And you can't go wrong with a kid's meal when it comes with a scoop of ice cream. We're going to be going back again and again. I may just have to learn to fish.

When we got back from dinner, we discovered that our dog Shadow had eaten the rest of the cupcakes. I hope the furry son of a bitch* turns pink.

*I can call him that because he's a dog.

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