Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Cleavage in Wonder Woman Isn't What You're Expecting

"Your daughter has a nice rack."--Steve Trevor

Last time I bought a DC Universe Original Animated Movie, I popped "Justice League the New Frontier" into Sera's DVD player only to watch Hal Jordan blow a North Korean soldier's head apart with his .45, which quickly got turned off to be viewed in private. This time I was a little more cautious, and rightly so. Wonder Woman was a very good animated movie...for me. The first things that happen in the opening scene include a soldier being cut through the torso with a sword, followed by an Amazon being cleaved through the clavicle with an axe, and then a bunch more soldiers take arrows to their chests, necks, shoulders, et al. This all happens bloodlessly, miraculously enough, but it's enough to make me...well, wonder.

Wake up, DC! This is the first screen version of Wonder Woman (outside of Justice League) in 30 years. Shouldn't you be trying to get a whole new generation of girls interested in superheroes and comic books and animation? Then why, oh why did you make a PG-13 animated movie that no child should watch? The first lines of the movie are truly great: Ares says, "You seem as eager to meet me on the battlefield as you once did in the bedroom, Hippolyta," to which the Amazon queen responds, "I only hope you prove more skilled in this arena, Ares." Like I'm going to have my child watch this, you know--ever??

You, as a company are going to make a few dollars from fans like me, but you already have me as an audience. If you think long-term, you want to grow your fanbase and increase your sales. You're not going to do that by releasing a PG-13 animated movie that only appeals to a few of us. If you're really going to go all out, put the blood in and rate it R. Or tone back the beheadings, impalements and slashing violence and make it PG, so that my daughter can watch it before she's a teenager, and just maybe become a fan of Wonder Woman.

The animation, acting, design, and staging were really great in this movie. The color palettes alone were just gorgeous. I loved it, but I think it was a mistake to make it.

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