Monday, June 23, 2008

Yahoo! I'm a Teacher!

Yahoo has a great article called, "Five Rewarding Careers that Let you have a Life:"

"Teacher K-12
Many teachers use the summer to catch up with family, enjoy long vacations, and complete additional online education courses. Even with three months off, many K-12 teachers earn over $41,000 per year. Changes in recruitment policies now mean that you can start a teaching job in many places before completing a degree in education.

New state and federal mandates require job applicants to complete at least a few online education courses before beginning their teaching careers. Many school districts have even invested in dedicated recruitment programs designed to help professionals from other fields earn education degrees. For retirees, a teaching career offers the chance to stay active while earning an income and enjoying summers off."

Do any of you teachers out there have three months off at this point? Our school system is about three weeks short of that every year. It's called June, July, and the first week of August now. And, do you know that under No Child Left Behind, you are not a "highly qualified" teacher until you have a degree in the subject which you are teaching, as well as certification? And wow, $41 WHOLE thousand dollars a year? I couldn't make that if I worked in a factory. Oh, wait, yes I could. The part they left out is that 50% of new teachers quit within five years of joining the profession. It's high-stress little reward, and Yahoo makes it sound like a vacation for retirees. Sheesh.

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Wendy said...

In Utah $980/mo NET is NOT considered low income. The average teacher's salary starts out at $23 thou/yr. Utah also has one of the highest adult/child ratios in the nation. The 'religion' in this area does not believe in birth control, therefore there are HUGE families. They send their little beasties to school and let the teachers deal with them.

As for the 3 months off in the summer.....for most schools here that doesnt happen either. There is the 'year-round' system. Teachers DO get some time off here and there, but not 3 months consecutively. A week here or there IF they are lucky.

It's no wonder there is a massive teacher shortage here. Even someone like ME can figure that one out LOL!!