Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I played golf today for the first time this year. I'm more of a social golfer than a serious one. I have a cheap set of clubs and I'll go when people ask, and generally enjoy myself. But today was kind of nice, as it was the best nine holes that I ever played. I shot a 56, which is not good, but for me it was a tremendous boost. I didn't get double digits on any hole! I hit everything pretty well today except my driver, which I'm pretty sure is hopeless. I'm going to get one with a steel shaft. The flexibility of my current one just makes me slice everything. I gave it up after two drives and started teeing off with my three wood. It was 100% better.

When I got home from my round I took Sera out to play miniature golf. She whacked at the ball a few times, but generally had fun looking at the elephant and giraffe statues and throwing her yellow ball and retrieving it. Next time I'm bringing my own putter to the place. I could use the practice.


KC Ryan said...

Yeah, Jim, I'm more of a social golfer myself. Seems it's harder and harder to find someone to play with.

I still love mini-golf! Went and played some the other day with my brother's family, and golfed lefty to make it more of a challenge.

The kids finaly noticed I was golfing lefty about the sixteenth hole. Heh!

Still, I did pretty well...

Now maybe I can learn to play real golf that way. Frankly, I stink. :)

Martin said...

I haven't golfed in about a decade myself. I always was more a social golfer than one who played for serious results. But, man, I do play a wicked round of Tiger Woods PGA Golf on the Game Cube. ;)