Monday, June 16, 2008

Hail to the Chef!

So there we were last night, headed out to a Father's Day dinner. The Tigers had won their sixth consecutive game with a nail-biting finish and we were all hungry. We piled into the car and headed west...right into a hail storm. It came on without warning. One second it was fine, and then a torrent came down on our windshield. Tree branches started falling across our path, and hail the size of quarters rained down on our new van. We turned around and high-tailed it right back home!

A few minutes after we got back the storm lessened and then moved on, but Sera was already scared by the first storm so we decided to just cook at home. I ran out and picked up some ribeyes, and when I got home about 20 minutes later, here was the scene in our back yard:
Sera's flowerbed (click here for the before pictures) was a little worse for wear, but her tomato plant and geranium survived okay, despite the collection of hailstones in the pots.
I cooked us all a nice meal and even had leftover steak, from which I made a Ribeye McMuffin with Egg (with a healthy whole wheat English muffin) this morning. When McDonalds starts serving that meal, they'll get my business for sure!

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