Sunday, June 01, 2008

Father's Day Came Early!

My wife suprised me with a Father's Day gift almost three weeks early. When Magi told me that she had a Father's Day gift in mind for me and that there was a timely sale involved, I correctly guessed that she wanted to get me a new gas grill. I bought my last gas grill (left) in 1999, and it has certainly seen better days. Five years ago, the electronic ignition went out, and three years ago, the burner covers rusted and collapsed, and it hasn't cooked evenly since. I'd learned where the hot spots were, and could mostly compensate for its quirks, but every year we'd talked about getting a new one. So when she confirmed that I was to get a new gas grill I was very excited. While at work the next day, I asked where she wanted to get it from, and she told me that it was from Home Depot. When I looked at Home Depot's weekly flyer, I saw a nice little $200 grill that seemed within our budget. I'd only spent about $100 on our last one, and got every penny's use out of it. But when she showed me the one she wanted to buy, I just about fell over. Now I have a brand new five-burner, 60,000 BTU Charmglow gas grill. It has a thermometer and a side burner, and even a side table where I can work while cooking. She said that it was about time that we had a grownup's grill. I laughed, because even at 43 years old, sometimes I still feel like I should be living a spartan life like a kid living in a college dorm. I'm a father now, and like it or not, I should be grown up by now.

Speaking of being a father, I've undertaken a new endeavor with Sera. Last weekend, we planted in the back yard. We always had a vegetable garden when I was a kid, but my job was limited to weeding and killing tomato worms with my BB gun, execution-style. So I got some potting soil and a tomato plant, and Magi bought some flower seeds, and we went to work. The tomato plant is doing quite well so far, but what amazes me are the flowers. I made small holes with my fingers and Sera laid and covered the seeds, and we both watered, and a week later, here they are coming up out of the dirt! I'm beginning to understand the satisfaction that farmers must get from their livelihoods. It's rewarding seeing results so quickly! If this experiment continues to be successful, we'll plant more next year. I really love fresh tomatoes, and I'd love to have them all summer long!

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