Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back to School

Well, after four days without kids, I'm back at it today. Yesterday was spent in my new classroom planning every hour of the 17-day summer school session. High school summer school kids meet with the same teacher for 4.5 hours, with five minute breaks every hour. It's more relaxed, and yet it's not. Attendance is strictly adhered to. You miss more than two days for any reason and you're out. It's not a bad day, really. You're out by noon, home by 12:20, and you get to have lunches that look like this:

I made these by hand the other night, and they were good. I love my new grill!


Wendy said...

That kabob looks delicious! I'm jealous....Well, I would be if I had teeth to EAT the kabob with LOL. Awesome grill btw. Congrats!!

Martin said...

Jim, those kabobs do look delicious. Hope they turned out great. I'm jealous.