Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot Wheels

My daughter Sera has recently been playing with some small die-cast cars we got for free inside one of our 200 boxes of Golden Grahams. I never really considered buying her any toy cars, but the other day we were at Toys R Us looking for pads for her tricycle, and I found Hot Wheels track. Yes, they sell individual pieces of Hot Wheels track for $0.89! You remember the orange strips of track with the plastic pieces that hold them together, don't you? Well, today we had some fun as we put them together to make a track all the way across the living room. The only two cars I had handy, of course, were Batmobiles, so we put them both on the track. And yes, the 1966 TV Batmobile is faster than the 1989 movie car. As it should be. It's way cooler.


KC Ryan said...

Funny, I just put together a Hot Wheels Snake-loop thing I bought for my soon-to-be-nephew last night.(He busted his hand, so I got him a Hot Wheels set. Go fig.)

It was funny seeing him and his brother and sister play with that thing over and over. It was their first time for Hot Wheels, too.

And where the heck did you get Batmobiles? Too cool.

Jim McClain said...

I buy them whenever I see them on the shelves. The 1966 Batmobile was from last year. I have an extra one if you want it. If you want to get together on Sunday in Chicago, I'll bring it along.