Friday, January 09, 2009

Super Sera!

I'm home with Sera today, because her nose is leaking like a faucet and she's not sleeping well at all, and I thought I would introduce her to the world of City of Heroes.

Every Wednesday night, my friends and I get together to play, but it's right about the time I would be putting Sera to bed. So when I told her this week that I was going downstairs to play with my friends, she said she wanted to come, too. We laughed about it, I told her good night, but promised to take her to play soon.

Well, today we went down to the basement and got busy. At first she watched me play one of my characters, and then I thought to myself that the character creation tool is basically multiple choice, so why shouldn't she make her own character?

She picked the hair, she picked the face, and she picked the colors and the costume parts. I chose to keep the parts simple, but she did the hard work.

I set up a macro to target the nearest enemy and fire her main attack, and I controlled her movement. She seemed to enjoy shooting lightning, so say hello to Super Sera!


Magi said...

She picked herself! Her character's hair is similar to her own, and she wears leggings and long sleeved shirts. I love it!

Theresa said...

Haha, her character looks just like her! Awesome!

I want to play! :P