Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Gaming Blog Reading on a Snow Day

As I read on io9 this morning, there's a new gaming blog on the web that talks about that beloved hobby of mine, tabletop gaming. That includes RPGs as well as CCGs. And that reminds me, I should write about Magic the Gathering soon. Those were a fun couple of years for me.

And why am I reading a not-necessarily-safe-for-work website (gaming sites are forbidden in my school district) this morning? Well, about a million schools were called off today, including ours. So we're socked in at home. Below on the left is Sera's water and sandbox, and on the right is our dog Shadow, romping through the back yard. The trees are beautiful with all the snow on them!
The only thing I don't like about snow days is that we make them up in the spring. I'd rather have days off when the weather is nice and we could go outside and do something. But you know, with MLK day coming up on Monday, if we have another snow day tomorrow we'll have a five-day weekend!

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