Monday, September 24, 2007

Mail Mine Marvel!

I just picked up a sheet of the Marvel Super Heroes stamps at the post office. I don't use stamps a lot since we pay our bills online, but there is an occasional need to send in a tax form or a request for university transcript or what have you. Can you believe it costs $8.50 just to get an official transcript made? Especially considering that it's the only written copy of my grades that I can get! They notify you online of your grade now, which does you absolutely no good if you need written proof for anything! I paid almost $600 to take this stupid class, so you would think they could at least send one paper copy of my grade.

Since my baseball slugger stamps were no longer good (postage went up) and I only had a few of those left, I got this new batch, which I am not sure I will use up before the next rate increase.

I'm not sure why they included such a relatively obscure character such as Spider-Woman in here. If they were looking for a female character, I would have chosen She-Hulk or the Invisible Woman/Girl. If not a female character, then perhaps Daredevil or Ghost Rider, Marvel characters who have had their own movies, would have made good choices.

I used my Spider-Woman stamp on the transcript request. That'll teach them not to at least send me a report card! Why, back in my day we got carbon copies and before that they were carved from granite...

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Martin said...

I haven't gotten any Marvel stamps yet, Jim. I got the DC ones a year or so ago. Very neat.