Saturday, June 30, 2007

Summer Nights

We are just having so much fun right now, I can't stand it. We've seen more movies in the past two months than we saw all of last year. Why? It's called a drive-in. We've been going to the Tri-Way Drive-In Theater in Plymouth, Indiana. Last night we saw Live Free or Die Hard and just had a great time. The evening was cool, clear, and we sat outside under the stars in front of the car in lawn chairs watching a fun movie. Sera played for a while on the blanket we put on the ground in front of us, and then went to sleep in her car seat while Mom and Dad watched the movie.

The Tri-Way charges $7.00 for adult admission and Sera gets in free. That's especially reasonable when you consider that they only show double features. Their concessions are of high quality and very reasonably priced. Last night we decided to have dinner at the theater and I had a very good steakburger for just $3.00. Their Chicago style hot dog was out of the world for about the same price. They have a combo that features a huge plastic bucket of popcorn and two 44-oz. drinks for just $8.00. When you stack that up with ordinary movie theater fare, it just doesn't compare.

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