Thursday, June 21, 2007


I have nothing specific to say today, so I'm going to play stream-of-consciousness. I'm going to write random thoughts and follow where they lead. Some will be connected, some won't. That way you can see just how messed up my brain is.
  • I love my wife and daughter more than anything in the world.
  • I need to get my teaching license renewed as soon as my class is over so I can keep my job and continue to help support them.
  • My final exam for Introduction to Computing is tonight. I have a 100% average, so I'm not worried. I'm going to try to get another 100 on the final because I've never finished a college course with 100% before. I don't care if I wreck the curve for everyone else.
  • Teaching summer school is fun. Because you have to give the kids time to do their work, there's lots of downtime during which you can work on other your blog!
  • I hate arguing about politics. You'll never change anyone's mind about anything. At least with baseball you can use statistics to compare players' performances. In politics everyone fails to some extent and there's no World Series to get excited about.
  • I'm amazed at the waste that goes on in this country. Do we really need to water our lawns? Is having perfectly green grass more important than having water available to fight fires? There was a fire at a recycling plant near our house the other day and the city actually had to ask people not to water their lawns so there would be enough to put the fire out.
  • People in our neighborhood are having garage sales. They've been working for days to make a few hundred dollars. Most if not all of them earn more money than that in their jobs. Why don't they just give the stuff away and deduct it as a charitable contribution?
  • Why aren't MP3 players allowed in school? If the students use them to help them focus on their work, what's the harm in that? Teachers can make students put them away when they need full attention. It would be no more difficult to enforce that than to enforce the "no MP3 player" rule in the first place.
  • A friend of mine recently had a house fire and lost all of his gaming materials. We're talking about thousands of pages of quality material that he created. I think it's time to make backups of mine, not that they even compare in quality, but I would hate to lose them all. The artwork that I would lose would be a tragedy all by itself. Some of it can't be replaced as the artists are deceased. That includes a Justice League of America page drawn by Dick Dillin.
  • Superman is an illegal immigrant.
  • I wish I had time to explore all of my interests. I love to draw, to write, to take photographs, to read, and I have never had enough time to do them all. Retirement for me means having the time and means to explore all the things I have always wanted to do. I should be able to retire when I'm 55.
  • Batman is guilty of tax fraud. The government doesn't have a proper assessment of his property since he has one of the most valuable finished basements in America. It's called the Batcave. Think the Joker is deadly? Wait until he faces the IRS.
  • I want a finished basement. And I'll call it the Batcave.
  • Every big project we have is measured in terms of summer school sessions. Fence around the yard? One summer school session. New living room furniture? One summer school session. Finished basement/Batcave? Two summer school sessions. Adding a giant dinosaur and penny will be extra.

That's all for now. I'm sure my brain will misfire more later.

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