Monday, June 04, 2007


What an incredible evening!

On a day when we drove to Kalamazoo just to get Sera some Tigers wear, I caught a foul ball at a baseball game. No big deal, you're probably saying. Many of you have caught foul balls at games. Well, here's why it's a big deal. My friend and colleague Dave and I went to the South Bend Silverhawks game tonight, and a near-miracle happened. I never sit behind the plate because I want to catch a foul ball. I've been waiting years to catch one. I usually sit on the third base line where I can at least have a good chance. Well, tonight of all nights I finally caught one. The ball was fouled straight back and rolled down the safety net over section 109 and fell through a hole directly above me. I caught it even though I had my scorecard in my hands. This is coincidence enough, but here's where it gets really cool: As a Tigers fan I experienced something of a convergence, because the foul ball that I caught was hit by Great Lakes Loons outfielder Scott Van Slyke. Who's he? Why, none other than the son of Tigers first base coach Andy Van Slyke. Who did I get to sign the ball after the game? The manager of the Great Lakes Loons, none other than former Detroit Tiger Lance Parrish. How's that for a night for a Tigers fan?

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