Friday, June 22, 2007

I Choked!

Well, as I wrote in my last post I was going for 100% in my Introduction to Computing Class. I blew it. I missed two questions out of 40 on the final exam. They were both Excel questions about absolute and relative cell references. Since none of the class assignments dealt with those, I missed them. Oh well, I still got my A and I get to renew my teaching license for five more years.

And now that the class is over, I can enjoy the rest of my summer in relative peace. The class only lasted six weeks, so it was compressed and the assignments were labor-intensive. Now I can concentrate on getting back to another project, a secret project, that I've been working on since winter. I'm creating a workbook for middle school math. Its exact nature must remain a secret until it's finished. Everyone who has looked at it says that it's a sure thing and it would be wonderful if that is true. We'll have to see.

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