Sunday, February 08, 2009

Superhero Sundays, Part 4--Freebird!

Last week I wrote about Bill Reinhold's inking of my character, North Hawk. This week I have my buddy Doug's character, Freebird. Freebird was the daughter of one of the Aegis campaign's darker characters, Apocalypse, who was a pretty stereotypical Vietnam veteran martial artist. Freebird was a martial artist as well, but also had mutant telekinetic powers to go with it. I took this sketch to the Chicago Comicon with the intention of having it inked, and asked Doug who he'd like to do it. Doug was a big fan of the Badger as well, and when he saw what Bill had done for me on a yet-as-unposted sketch, he asked for the same treatment.

Whenever this character would show up, her presence would invariably invite the chant for the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, hence the exclamation point behind her name in the picture.

Good grief, 1991 was long time ago!

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