Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superhero Sundays, Part 3

This week's edition of Superhero Sundays features my pencils with inks by Bill Reinhold. Bill was one of my favorite artists back in the 80s on The Badger. When I first got back into comics in 1983-1984, I attended a comic book convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan and Badger #9 was a giveaway. I liked it so much that I hunted down the rest of the series at the show. When I had the opportunity to meet Bill, I found that he was just as nice a guy as he was talented. I have several sketches done by him as well as more inked by him.

The sketch (click to enlarge) is of my Champions character North Hawk. North Hawk was a member of a warrior race of bird people who resided deep in the forests in the upper peninsula of Michigan. He was transplanted to the Pacific Northwest (the setting of the game) and he was a whole lot of fun to play. He was part Hawkman, part Wolverine, and part Worf from Star Trek the Next Generation. I do a reasonable Worf impression, and I was always in grim, stoic character while playing this guy. He used tribal weapons made of fossilized stone on his hands. On his right hand, he used a stone cestus, and he wielded stone talons on his left. His belt buckle was a sharpened throwing weapon. And just to prove to the civilized world that he wasn't a savage, he carried a 9 mm Browning Hi-Power in a shoulder holster. I have very fond memories of playing this character!

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