Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here's my wife for you:

Magi cooked a wonderful turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I had not eaten solid food for three days, and she made a Thanksgiving dinner that I could eat comfortably. She even made adjustments to the sweet potatoes so I could eat them (she usually uses pecans). I thought it was the most wonderful turkey ever, but she thought it was a little dry. She had used a method of cooking she had watched on Food Network and was not satisifed.

We went out to get groceries on Saturday night and she still was talking about the turkey and about how if she had to do it over again, she would have used her tried-and-true method. All of the white meat was gone by then and she's not a big dark meat fan, so as we passed by the turkeys, I suggested she make another so we could have sandwiches for lunch all week. She immediately grabbed the exact same-sized turkey and put it in the cart! On Sunday, she did just that. It was perfection, of course, and you could see the pride in her eyes when she cut the breast open and it was as moist as could be. We've now had even more wonderful turkey sandwiches and at this moment, she has the leftover turkey in a soup cooking in the stock pot with carrots, celery, and onions.

I love the fact that she cares so much about the food she prepares for us. I love the fact that she has such personal pride in what she does. But I think what really gets me the most is the love in her eyes when Sera and I show how much we enjoy what she cooks. Love really is the most important ingredient in our lives.

And you thought this post was about turkey!

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