Sunday, November 04, 2007

Twenty Years Ago..."The Magnificent Seven Ride!"

When we last left our heroes, they had just defeated most of Doug's villain group, The Magnificent Seven: Dazzler, Scamper, Kanga, Echo, Shockwave, Wipeout, and Mr. Magnificent. Several of the villains had escaped. We now join the story already in progress...

Aegis #162

November 8, 1987
Gamemaster: Doug Fisher

After their capture, Kanga and Dazzler became ill, Dazzler violently so. While being rushed to the hospital, Dazzler was sprung by the rest of the Magnificent Seven. Kanga, whose illness was not so acute, was very eager to help Aegis when confonted. Deprived of his trick boomerangs, Kanga led Aegis into Cordwayne Industries in South Bend, Indiana. Despite Willforce's best precautions Kanga escaped, and a trap set up by Mesmero was sprung. Combat ensued, and the Magnificent Seven was totally and utterly defeated.

And there you have it. Homemade villains combined with established comic book villains made for fun times in the world of Aegis.

I didn't record any more adventures until October of 1988, but I do have a ton of stories to share about the campaign and the guys who played in it.

Next Sunday: The evolution of Silverwing!

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