Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Daddy Day

It was my turn to take Sera to the doctor today for her 18-month checkup, so I got to spend the entire day with her.

She started the day at 5:15 AM, 45 minutes earlier than she usually gets up, so Magi suggested that we use the extra time to have breakfast at Eddie's Steak Shed. I married a smart woman! I had steak and eggs, which consists of a 12-oz. ribeye steak, two eggs, hash browns, and two pancakes. Sera had the Mickey Mouse pancakes and bacon. Yes, that's one big pancake with two little ones attached to it as ears. Shhhh, don't tell Disney! She devoured her pancakes once I put syrup on them. Since she never eats syrup on her pancakes at home, this was a brand new taste!

We got to the doctor's office right on time, and everything was great! She's gaining ground in height and weight, and is still well ahead developmentally! She got a shot, cried for 15 seconds, and was happy.

She was nearly falling asleep at the doctor's office, so we went home for her to nap. After she got up, we went out to get new comics (Jonah Hex, Metal Men, Superman, Midnighter, and the Heroes hardcover) and then to Little Ceasar's for a cheap lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing on the living room floor and napping. A guy could get used to this stay-at-home dad stuff!

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