Friday, July 20, 2007

Saturday Mornings

Man, watching these Space Ghost cartoons made me start having flashbacks to childhood. That happens to me occasionally. I have a very good memory. Tell me to remember something and I do it. Telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, even credit card numbers are no problem. I remember the most arcane details of comic book stories, movies, and trivia. The only drawback is that I remember bad things too, and recall them in vivid detail. Well, another time for that.

While writing about Alex Toth and Space Ghost, I decided to read up on the old cartoons. While doing so, I discovered
this blog. I could spend hours watching some of these old shows. Then I discovered why I didn't remember Birdman all that much from when I was young: This website shows that in 1968, Shazzan was on at the same time, and I watched that show instead!

Some of my fondest memories from childhood were watching cartoons on Saturday morning with my dad when he got home from working third shift. We ate Cool Pops (anyone remember those?) and watched until about noon, when he went to bed. Good times!

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Martin said...

Jim, I'm a cereal fanatic, but I don't remember Cool Pops. Maybe a bit before my time. I too loved Saturday morning cartoons and usually rotated between the three networks during the season (picked my primary shows and watched them first, when they started to repeat I would switch to another show I hadn't seen yet). It was easy to do back in the days of three channels.