Sunday, July 22, 2007


One of my friends read my blog the other day for the first time and saw that photography was one of my interests. I think this surprised him because I had never mentioned it in any of our social gatherings. Of course, most of our social gatherings include our small gaming circle, so it would have been an unusual topic of conversation. So, I went out Friday afternoon and snapped a couple of pictures in the back yard.

My favorite subject is baseball, but I haven't been to too many live games this year. My buddy Doug got us tickets to a Tigers game in Chicago back in April, but I haven't been able to make my way to Detroit this year. Here is the best baseball photo I've taken:
This one was taken on September 11, 2005 at Comerica Park in Detroit. John McDonald was only a Tiger for a few short months. He came to the Tigers from Toronto in a trade for a player to be named later. After the season, he turned out to be the player to be named later. He was literally traded for himself! McDonald was ahead on this changeup and fouled the ball off into the seats along the third base line. Notice the Red Cross symbol on the Kansas City Royals catcher? This game was only a few days after Hurricane Katrina and the players were promoting relief for the victims. I was able to walk right down behind the first base dugout because the whole front row was empty. Look at the empty seats along the third base line. You won't find the stands looking like this now!


Lowell said...

Nice-- some really striking images there. I'm amazed at the baseball image there. When I first saw it I assumed it was a commercial image.

Carey said...

Awesome photos, i love how you captured the dragonfly.
Heres a photography site that awesome pics: