Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Not DC?

The reason I don't read most DC comics can be summed up with this one page. Too bad it's missing what Superboy did to Pantha and Damage.


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Jeff McClain said...

I agree with a point. Not that it's a good thing that is being done with DC, but that this change is a sign of larger things. First, look at what comics are competing against. Kids today are not entertained by stories of good triumphing over evil. There are too many examples in everyday life that refute the very existence of the principle.
Second, those stories have all been told, and there aren't a lot of directions left to take with them. Either comics adapt to the times, or perish as a medium. Sadly, there is a chance they will do both.
I, for one, always looked at those stories as fairy tales; examples of a world that we wish existed, but never has. But you know the reason behind that for me. I wish the world was as simple as it used to be (at least depicted), that we could undo the direction it has taken, but it's not going to happen.
I do agree, though, it is sad.