Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hot Serial

In the late 70s, I used to watch a show on WGTU channel 29 called "Hot Serial." Shown at 11:00 each night, "Hot Serial" featured a nightly chapter in an old movie serial, like Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, or Radar Men from the Moon, featuring Commando Cody. It was a great show to watch when you only had a 9" black and white television, since the serials were filmed in black and white anyway! The titles for the syndicated program always started with a bowl of steaming cereal suspended by wires, flying around the screen.

I received a set of Flash Gordon serials that I had purchased for my dad, and I'm watching them now, thinking back to when we lived in my grandparents' basement. Good times, hot serial.


KC Ryan said...

Heh. Hot Cereal. Gosh, I wish they'd run that show up here.

Zephyrad said...

Hey! I don't recall a flying cereal bowl... I remember a Delta Dart (styrofoam glider, that resembled the Space Shuttle) circling in front of an Apollo 8 moonscape photo. (I used to watch "Hot Serial" also... "The Crimson Ghost", and of course those Flash Gordon movies!) Did they change the opener?