Sunday, July 05, 2009

Home At Last

3,765 miles and nine days later, we are home from Utah and saying goodbye to my late father. I have to go to work tomorrow and I could use a week off.

Special thanks go to Magi's nephew, Bret, who went with us and saw to many of Sera's needs from the back seat on this long journey.

The sheer volume of family photos and my dad's personal stuff will take weeks to blog through, but I'm looking forward to it as part of the healing process. My father was...unique, to say the least.


KC Ryan said...

Hey, Jim.
Glad to see you made it back safely, bud.
There's no WAY I could go through my Dad's stuff in so little time. Good for you, man.


Jim McClain said...

My dad didn't actually have that much stuff. He was legally destitute and his longtime companion, Dee, provided him with a place to live, a truck to drive, and items on which I had no claim. I left with our family photos, two heirlooms from my grandfather, a muzzle-loading pistol that he made for me, and a box of DVDs and comics I had given him over the past several years.