Tuesday, July 28, 2009


From the Much Ado About Nothing Department comes an article from the New York Times's health section, railing against the alcohol consumption in the new Harry Potter movie. It raises the question of whether or not butterbeer is alcholic, and I have to laugh. The kids in these movies (and books) consume potions that alter the structure of their very bodies when they drink Polyjuice Potion! Felix Felicis is the ultimate doping solution, and in the same movie they are expected to produce a Draught of Living Death!

Harry, Ron, and Hermione face the dangers of torture murder in their lives DAILY and have wielded deadly weapons as a matter of course since they were 11 years old. And the NY Times is worried that they're setting a bad example for children by drinking butterbeer?



KC Ryan said...


Hic. Sounds like you've had too much butterbeer! Hic!

Well, we can't very well have Harry and company DRUNK while they're wielding those swords and spells and what have you, can we?

Theresa said...

Also, keep in mind that the drinking age in England is different. As of the sixth book, they're--what, sixteen? So as long as it's not hard liquor (which butterbeer is most likely not), and since the Three Broomsticks isn't just a bar, they're probably fine. X)

Jim McClain said...

KC, Riddikulus is a spell used to defend against a Boggarts, which could very well describe the writers of the article.

KC Ryan said...

I am such a muggle.