Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well, That was Fun

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit, but I was having computer difficulties. My virus protection had expired without my realizing it, and sure enough I got a virus. I took the opportunity to put a clean copy of Windows and Office on my computer. I've had them for a long time, but I was worried about losing my My Documents folder, which had 20 GB of photos and files. So I had the professionals at C&P Distributing do it. They have provided me with good service since the first time I went there. One of my old computers had been hit by lightning and they were able to recover a lot of my hard drive.

We have some errands to run today, and hopefully I'll be back later with something to say, now that I have all my software loaded again.


Michael O'Connell said...

And don't you think that it's a little bit of a coincidence that as soon as your Virus protection expires, you get a virus? Kind of like when you stop paying "protection" to local mobsters and suddenly your store gets robbed? Am I just being paranoid?

Martin said...

Mike, you're being paranoid. ;)

But, yeah, you can't let that Norton (or whatever you use) lapse. There's just too much out there not have protection for your computer.

Jim McClain said...

Well, to be fair, the protection had been expired for over a month. Like I said, I didn't realize it at the time. Next year I'll remember to do it at New Year's. I use NOD32, because the guys at C&P said that people design stuff to get around the big guys like Norton and McAfee.