Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eddie's Steak Shed

We were talking over dinner tonight, and I decided that Eddie's Steak Shed in Granger, Indiana is my favorite restaurant ever.

My favorite food is steak, and I've never had a better one than virtually any time I've had one at Eddie's. When we travel to the south, I always eat the seafood because my wife raves about it, and rightfully so. There just isn't any shrimp better than wild gulf shrimp, and that includes royal reds down in Key West. When we went to San Francisco I was crazy over Dim Sum and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. But when we're at home and I want my favorite meal, it's always going to be steak.

When we were in China adopting Sera, I tried steak about three times, all at really nice restaurants. It was awful all three times, somewhere between shoe leather and rawhide. The first place we went out to eat when we got home was Eddie's and they just plain do it right.

When we were at Callaway Gardens in Georgia last week, I tried to get a snack for Sera and me at one of the carnie food trailers they had set up beside the wagons they used for their Christmas light display. I went right for the roasted corn, because Sera loves corn. I wouldn't have fed what we got to chickens. It was tough, flavorless, and belonged in pig slop. My sister-in-law, Marcia, suggested that I shouldn't expect Indiana quality corn in Georgia. That really made me think. That's one thing I never appreciated about living in the midwest, and that's the quality of the food we produce.

I told Magi at dinner tonight that if anyone in our families ever visits us, Eddie's is the place I would take them for a taste of Indiana.

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