Monday, December 03, 2007

Iron Man

Well, Cal Ripken I'm not. My unbroken streak of posting ended yesterday at 80 days. I sat down to write and had nothing, not a thing to write about. My brain was finally at a point where I had nothing that I absolutely needed to say. So I didn't.

I'm going to start posting less frequently, but hopefully have more to say. I haven't been satisfied with my posting of late anyway. I have an idea for a mega-post that I am going to do during Christmas break comparing the Wild Cards book series to the television show Heroes, but I can hardly work on that with a daily worry about posting that is so bad that I posted a radar screen for an oncoming snowstorm that never arrived!

So, I hope this is the beginning of a better blog. I hope there will be people reading it!


Big D said...

I go through phases of posting to blogs, myself. Heck, I go through phases of which blog I'm posting to - Blogger, LJ, and MySpace. I've got a different set of friends on each one, and I'm known to cater each post to each group.

Yes, that's far more complicated than it should be.


Lowell said...

We will.