Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heroes: Powerless

Spoiler Warning: Plot Details for the second season of "Heroes" will be revealed in the following post.

Last night's episode of "Heroes" wrapped up what I thought was a pretty lackluster season.

I came in late to "Heroes." When the show premiered, my Detroit Tigers were in the last month of a bid for the playoffs and when they made it, I wasn't about to miss a single game. I always intended to catch it in reruns, but it never worked out that I could start from the beginning. However, when the DVD set came out, I watched every episode from the first season in one weekend. I loved it and anxiously awaited the beginning of the second season.

From the very first episode I was disappointed. I didn't like Peter Petrelli having amnesia. It's a tired plot device that has been used so often that it's a cliche. The viewer sits impatiently waiting for the hero to get his or her memory back so they can get back to developing their character. Not knowing who you are is not how you accomplish that, especially when the audience does know who you are! It's not like Jason Bourne, where you are as clueless as he is and you learn about him as he learns about himself. No, this was just tiresome because you knew he would eventually get his memory back.

Speaking of tiresome, the "Wonder Twins" storyline was terrible! Maya and her useless brother made far too many appearances where she frakking killed everyone around her. Brother's wedding? Black eyes and death. Go to a store? Black eyes and death. Stop and ask directions? Black eyes and death. Get put in jail? Black eyes and death. I actually was relieved when she took a bullet in the chest last night. I almost cheered. I literally said out loud, "It's about time!" When they healed her, I thought aw, crap. I was finally satisfied with the end of that storyline and they brought her back to life. I mean, seriously, as a hero, what's she going to do? Make everyone around her die? What would her superhero name be, the Black Death?

Nathan suddenly becoming a useless drunk came out of nowhere too. It's almost a crime how underused he was this season, and it was a mercy killing ala Jim Starlin to put him out of his misery in last night's episode. Gunned down by a faceless assassin, bleh.

And what about D.L.? The poor guy redeems himself in the final episode of last season to save his family and he's in a grave to start the second. He got to shine for about 15 seconds in a flashback episode and that was that.

His wife Nikki didn't fare much better. After she got her alter ego under control she had doom written all over her from the beginning. It was almost like "Lost." If your storyline concludes, you'd better start digging your grave! Predictable, if she actually is dead.

If anyone did deserve to die, it was Mohinder Suresh. The guy flip-flopped so many times he should have had a hook in his mouth.

I don't know, maybe I'm being curmudgeonly, but I just didn't think there was that much to like about this season of "Heroes." Hiro's storyline at least had my interest, even if the time trip lasted about two weeks too long. That poor guy's going to have brain damage. Has anyone counted how many times he's been knocked unconscious? It was twice just last night! I think he's had probably 7-8 concussions so far. I'm not sure who is going to reap higher profits, Hiro's neurologist or the Kents' favorite body shop on Smallville. They've gone through at least as many truck accidents. One thing's for sure: No insurance company is going to touch either one of them!

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