Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sera's First Tigers Game

Yesterday was a very special day for my daughter. She attended her very first Detroit Tigers game.

Thanks to Uncle Doug and Aunt Laura, who provided the tickets, we were able to go this weekend after all. We were planning on having a larger gathering on Sunday, but work requirements changed all that. We turned a long weekend into a day trip, returning home a scant 12 hours after we left.

I'm not going to say that Sera enjoyed it overly much. She cried right after the picture you see at the right, taken with Paws, the Tigers' mascot. In fact, she squirmed throughout the game like she did at her first trip to the drive-in. But I hope that this will be the first trip of many. If you are a regular reader of this blog, or if you know me at all, you know that the Detroit Tigers are very important to me. They are a family tradition that goes as far back as the Detroit Tigers do. My grandmother listened to them along with her father.

Sera's squirming led me to take her to the souvenir store just when the Tigers had their only rally of the whole night. But you know what, watching her run around like a crazy girl, burning off all of her nervous energy was better than watching the game. Four months ago you could have never convinced me that this was a remote possibility.

Here's a picture of us both with Paws, the Tigers mascot.


Martin said...

Jim, what a nice memory. When Drew was less than a year old we took him to a Durham Bulls baseball game. I am sure he doesn't remember much of it, but we remember what the popcorn did to his delicate little stomach the next day. (wink)

Jeff McClain said...

Theresa moved out this last Saturday. While I know it's at the other end of the spectrum from where you're at, I hope that you can handle the heart-wrenching anxiety that is letting go of your child better than I am. All those years of putting time into teaching her right from wrong, responsibility...all that's left is to hope I did it right and that she can deal with life as it comes. "Message, Spock?" Yes, the message is: cherish every moment, every milestone, every lesson. The time flies, and then they're on their own; your house will seem bigger and emptier than it ever has. As your life changed when Sera came into it, mine has changed as I unleashed Theresa on the world.