Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Do They Do It?

Got home about an hour and a half ago from school. Today I had to run the clock and scoreboard at the football game. We have to do three after school duties like that as part of our contract. I don't mind doing stuff like that and doing my part, but I only got to see Sera for 20 minutes before she needed to go to bed. How do the other people do that?

One of the coaches at the game today just had a baby with his wife last spring, so I know he doesn't get to see his son and it has to be almost every day. He has practice until at least five. By the time he gets home it has to be nearly bedtime for an infant. How do principals and athletic directors manage? Sometimes they are at school until 8 PM. They must go days without seeing their kids.

I'm glad it's not me.

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