Monday, June 15, 2009

Still Not Losing

I'm stuck. I bought a new bathroom scale and it's making me mad. I figured that it was going to give me a different result than the scale I had been using during the school year, but I was going to simply use whatever it said as a new baseline and move on from there. Oddly enough, it gave me the same result as my May 4 weigh-in: 286. Since this scale uses increments of 0.2 pounds, I'll even throw in the exact weight: 286.2 pounds. Okay, not so bad. My weight hasn't changed in about 40 days or so. I'm still working out every day, and controlling what I eat. I can look at this as a new starting point and move on, right? Well, I stepped on the scale this morning and guess what it said? 286.2. The same exact thing. I guess it's not so bad, since yesterday we had a cookout (more on that later) and I probably ate the equivalent of a quarter cow or something, but I would have thought the scale would at least have a different number.

I guess I'm going to have to increase the intensity of my workouts or just work out longer. I can spare an hour a day now, but I don't know what I will do when regular school is back in session. I can tell you right now that I'm not getting up at 4:00 AM!


KC Ryan said...

You've just hit a plateau, Jim. You should start losing again in a couple of weeks.
Keep on the exercising and all - it's good for you even if your scale doesn't agree! :)

Jim McClain said...

I know. I just did 10.5 miles in 45minutes (14 mph)to get back at that POS scale. I'm going to try to get my average speed up to 15 mph over the next week.

Martin said...

Jim, I get the plateau thing. I was at a nice low last summer/fall of 165 and I've since bounced back to 175 again. I exercise daily for 30 minutes, watch my calories, etc. and at the most it drops down a couple pounds and then back up. As KC said, exercising and eating right is what we have to do at our age to just maintain sometimes.