Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Little Tiger

Eight months ago, I got Sera a little Tigers outfit to wear to her first game, and she was just the cutest little girl ever. At her first game, everyone who saw her said, "Aaaaaaawwww." We got her the cheerleader outfit because her hair was so short she got confused for being a boy when I put her in ordinary baseball wear.

We have to go to Kalamazoo, Michigan just to get her a Tigers outfit. Around here you get a choice of White Sox or Cubs. So we make a point of going to Michigan each year to re-stock my supply of Tigers stuff. I even go to office stores to get calendars and mousepads.

We took Sera back to Kalamazoo today to update her wardrobe. I felt like I was home again, as I was not the only one wearing a Tigers cap for a change. Kalamazoo is full of Tigers fans.
Sera's wearing 18-month clothing now, and look what a fan I have at home:

Sera is always taking my Tigers cap off and putting it on. Now she has one of her own!
And don't let her 22 months of age fool you. I turned on ESPN Classic today to a game played between the 1993 Astros and Mets and the first thing out of her mouth was "Beesball!" She knows when they're talking about it on XM radio in the car, too, even before they say the name of the game. The brainwashing has begun!


Magi said...

The only reason she didn't get another cheerleader outfit today is the smallest was a 4.

Martin said...

Jim, enjoy that freedom of dressing your child as you like. The time will come soon enough that she'll want to decide upon her own clothes. Sigh. They grow up so fast.