Friday, February 22, 2008

How Would Jesus Drive?

In the past three months, I have been nearly run off the road twice, nearly hit three times, and have been treated rudely, flipped off, and today, honked at for not accelerating fast enough in a lane that was about to end...all by people whose license plates look like the one at right.

I told my wife about my experiences when they began before Christmas and what the license plates all looked like, and she thought I was just blaming this group of people because I am an atheist.

Then she started seeing it, too.

I know it's not all Christians doing this. Some of my best friends are Christians, you know. It's the people with the license plates. I think they must be trusting that God is going to spare them from their bad driving. I wish they'd spare me from it.

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Martin said...

Jim, are those the new plates for Indiana? All we get here in North Carolina are a picture of the Wright Brothers taking off at Kitty Hawk and the words "First In Flight". Then again, maybe I can apply that to those bad drivers who are flying down the highway at waaaaaay too fast a speed.