Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sad Day--for XM Radio

I canceled my XM Radio account today. I have been an XM subscriber since 2005, and the service has given me hundreds and hundreds of hours of listening pleasure. I remember spring break of that year, listening to the Tigers from the patio of the condo we used in Gulf Shores, thinking that it was amazing technology that allowed me to listen to my favorite team while almost a thousand miles from home.

Now, sadly or not so sadly, I have that technology at my fingertips every day in the form of my Blackberry Storm. Using its 3G connection, I pay only $19.95 for the entire season of baseball. Not only do I get to listen to every game, but I can even choose which broadcast to listen to, home or away. I can watch video highlights using the same application, and check box scores too. I can also listen to music channels on my phone, which makes the XM pretty much obsolete. I'll miss it, I suppose, though I really don't know why. Just habit, I guess.


KC Ryan said...

Say, Jim, how exactly DO you get those box scores? :) What service do you have? Seriously, I'm interested!

XM has been heading downhill for the past few years, at least as far as a business goes. Too bad, I guess.

Jim McClain said...

It depends on what kind of BlackBerry you have. Just google mlb blackberry ::name:: and the application generally comes up.