Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not Losing?

Ten days after my last weigh in, I'm still at 286. Not bad, considering I didn't work out while camping and we ate either in restaurants or at carnivals for all three days. Elephant ears and Eggs Benedict are not really considered health food, I'm told. Now it's time to focus on losing again, though.

Some of my colleagues and I are going to the Tigers game in Detroit on July 11, and that will include a stop at Cabela's to buy a school wardrobe that will fit. I've been wearing pants that are four inches too large in the waist for weeks now. I hope I haven't stabilized already and that I'm just at a plateau brought on by a three-day break from my routine.


Jeff McClain said...

Don't lose faith, a few days off from exercise is actually a good thing once in a while. What you'll have to keep an eye on is your body adjusting to your routine. After a while the exercise will usually stop being as effective and you'll need to change things up in order to make progress. I've always heard that six weeks is the average timeframe to make that change.

Another thing that might give you a better measure of progress is to set a size goal, not a weight goal. My weight will fluctuate by as much as five pounds either direction in the span of a week; it doesn't signify anything. You're also building some muscle mass, which weighs more than fat, so weight goals can be misleading. You probably know all this already, but I thought I would add something in the hopes that you don't.

Now to my real point: where is the Star Trek review???

Jim McClain said...

I thought I would do something radical and wait until I actually saw the movie before I reviewed it. We were camping all last weekend so we didn't get a chance. Not to worry, though, we're going tomorrow night. Review to follow!

KC Ryan said...

Hey, ZJim, don't give up just yet - it could just be a plateau effect. You did eat Eggs Benedict and elephant ears, for crying out loud! :) Besides, it's not so much the numbers you lose as how good you're feeling!