Saturday, May 03, 2008

Iron Man

If you've been waiting for a great superhero movie, it's here! No spoilers follow! It's safe for your review.

Iron Man didn't miss a beat. From capturing Tony Stark's alcoholism to the way he fires his repulsors, this movie puts it all together.

Wounded and captured by militants in Afghanistan, defense contractor and innovator Tony Stark builds a suit of powered armor to help him escape and maintain his life after a piece of shrapnel near his heart threatens his health. With second thoughts about how his fortune has been made, Stark moves to recover or destroy the weapons he has created which have fallen into the wrong hands. This puts him at odds with Obadiah Stane, who has been running the Stark family business while Tony acts ever the drunken dilettante, working hard and playing harder. Stane locks Stark out of changing the business, but Tony has another plan. It's called Iron Man.

The two things that stand out most in my mind about this film are humor and acting. The funny parts are really funny. The audience roared with laughter. But perhaps the strongest feature of this movie was the performance of Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. I would never assume that an actor in a superhero movie is going to get an Academy Award, but Downey really pulls off this role and deserves a nomination.

The only problem I had with this movie, and it is a minor quibble, is the "unmasking the hero" cliche. At the end of the film, the main character loses his mask so that the actor can effectively emote for the audience. I understand why it has to be done, but I wish it wouldn't happen every time.

I give this movie my highest rating, and for the love of Stan Lee, stay until the end of the credits!
Updated-- I bet some people will actually get this post after seeing the movie!


Martin said...

Jim, I totally concur with your comments about the film. An excellent mix of elements to make an awesome super-hero film.

Jeff said...

I'm astounded. I fully expected as the page was loading to read another rant about how bad new movies based on comics suck, etc. If you give this movie a review like this, it MUST be good. Since Theresa is moving back home this weekend for the summer, we may have to hire her to babysit so we can go see it. Can you believe it? She's going to be a sophomore in college in just a few months.2