Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Spirit is supposed to wear BLUE! Updated

For crying out loud, why can't Frank Miller just leave things alone? First he destroys Batman, and now in his movie version of "The Spirit," he changes the look of the character nearly beyond recognition by putting him in black and red (see left). The Spirit wears BLUE, Miller! Look to the right and tell me what the heck is wrong with blue? He's only been wearing it for 68 years!
And yes, those of you who know me might recognize the color scheme from a character of mine. Geez.
Update: He wears white-soled tennis shoes, too. You can see it in the trailer by clicking the link on this page.

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Jeff said...

Hmm. As bad as Jor-el wearing the "stylized S"? How about a plastic wrap version of that same S that can be thrown to ensnare villains? I think not. Think that's bad? I have two words for you. Tim Burton baby, Tim freaking Burton.