Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Beach Boys

When my niece Theresa was very young, about two, I remember my mother playing the Beach Boys for her and she just plain rocked out. She especially liked "Barbara Ann."

Sera has been home from day care for the past two days. She had a fever on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and the day care rules say that a child has to be fever-free for 24 hours before they return. Magi stayed home with her yesterday, and today was my turn. She hasn't had a fever since yesterday afternoon, so she's been feeling pretty good. I haven't had what either of them had yet, so I'm feeling good too. So naturally, we went to Eddie's Steak Shed for breakfast. We were enjoying our normal repast, when over the restaurant's speakers came a Beach Boys song. As far as I know, Sera's never heard one before. Her arms start moving, her head started swaying back and forth, and she was acting just like Theresa used to. Then it came to me: Sera is about to turn two as well! As soon as the song ended, replaced by Michael Jackson's "Wanna be Starting Somethin'," which did nothing for Sera. She started asking for more, more, more, and even signing more, which is something she hasn't done in a while now. She pointed vigorously at the speakers on the ceiling and repeated "More," over and over.

So after breakfast, we headed over to Borders and picked up The Beach Boys Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. As soon as I put it in the minivan's CD player, she was in heaven. When we got home, she didn't want to get out, because she was enjoying the music so much. Every song is her new favorite. I just put her down for her nap and put the CD in her DVD player to put her to sleep, and that might have been a mistake, because I can see her on the monitor, rocking out.

I have to say, it sure beats The Wiggles.

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