Thursday, March 24, 2011


::chirp:: ::chirp::

That's the sound my blog has been making for a while now. This school year has me working harder than I ever have in my career. We have, let's see, a new principal, assistant principal, counselor, office manager, and head custodian. We've lost teachers left and right to retirement, and now it's almost a whole new school, and it's been turned upside down. New curriculum, new educational focus, new responsibilities, it all adds up. I'm also teaching a homebound student three nights a week to make extra money.

With the public education nightmare continuing, I've been spending a lot more of my free time (all two hours a day) on my geek interests. I haven't even really had time to participate in baseball discussions on the Detroit Tigers message board I used to visit so often. With all the stuff going on in the world I haven't been able to write about Charlie Sheen, the protests in Madison and Indianapolis, the tsunami in Japan, or anything else. I feel like Jon Stewart coming back from vacation, except I don't have the time to really give these items the attention they deserve. I'd love to write about Young Justice, the new animated series from Cartoon Network, as well as Invincible, my favorite comic book, or even my experiences with Manga Studio, a comic book making program that has allowed me to start inking successfully for the first time in my life.

It would be great to talk about my fantastic family, including my adorable and adoring daughter, who now creates her own comic books. My wife recently transferred to the Elkhart Area Career Center, where she is finally teaching in the culinary arts program, where she should have been years ago.

I should write about my friend KC Ryan, who passed away of cancer not long ago. I've lost another friend who was far too young to die.

There are a lot of things I should write about, but I just don't have the time. The few hours I have to myself are being used to work on a dream project that has a real chance (according to everyone who's looked at it) to be successful and popular enough to make some real money. We'll have to see.

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