Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Catching Up

Things have not exactly been looking up since this post. So, here I am sick at home. First, my wife Magi had minor surgery, then Sera caught H1N1, then Magi caught H1N1. Somewhere in there, I probably had it too, but with lessened symptoms. After, let's see, two trips to urgent care, one surgeon's visit, and three other trips to the doctor and pediatrician, we can look forward to all of us being healthy for the first time since the beginning of October--maybe by this weekend. I guess it's a good thing I had a lot of sick days saved up, because I've taken at least two per week for four straight weeks. And health insurance? Yeah, it's paid for itself in the past month. I can't imagine what we would have paid out for our all-too-frequent visits these past weeks, between urgent care, ordinary doctor's visits and the subsequent prescriptions. It would have been quite the kick while we were already down.

The bright side of it is that I get to drink Mountain Dew mixed with orange juice and not feel guilty about calories. I've been catching up on TV watching and DVDs that I've been saving, including the DVD set for the 1973 Star Trek cartoon, which I dearly loved as a kid but seldom got to watch. Twenty-two episodes were made, and I bet I haven't seen half of them! It was a big hit with Mrs. Burkholder's third graders in the fall of that year, and when we went out for recess I always got to play Captain Kirk. Why? For the same reason Bruce Hartman always got to be Batman when we were the Super Friends. For a reason that only third graders could invent. Because my name is Jim.


edige23 said...

You have to love the Kzinti stuff-- and Larry Niven's contributions to the series. Way far out of canon, but always fun. Been dealing with what is probably an ulcer myself, which pales next to a household of maldies, but my sympathies are with you.

Jim McClain said...

In doing some reading on this series, I found that it may not be as far out of canon as it once was. Several episodes of DS9 and Enterprise reference stuff that was unique to the cartoon, and the new film takes the "Spock being bullied" scene almost directly from the episode, "Yesteryear."

KC Ryan said...

That' why I never got to play anything - how many roles call for a "K.C." ?