Sunday, December 21, 2008

Schlock and Awful

This is the first page of Batman #683, which is previewed at this site.

My reaction is, really? You have to show Batman grabbing Talia's butt? Who is the target audience here? Obviously I couldn't have this comic book in my classroom. Could you imagine the parent calls I would get? Does this image do anything for older teenagers? I can find more graphic images by accident online, and so can they. So who exactly is this image drawn for?

I have the graphic novel that this scene is taken from. In it, Batman finally finds a moment of happiness in a lifetime of angst and tragedy. It was treated with dignity, class, and even respect for the characters. This is just schlock and awful.


KC Ryan said...

Well, at least Batman wasn't grabbing OTHER parts of her...


Michael O'Connell said...

You really want an honest answer to the question of who the target audience is?


18-35 year-old white virgin males who've never touched a butt in their lives.

The reality of modern comics.

Yes, that's the business I'm trying to get into.

Martin said...

What Mike said. Exactly what I was thinking too. This is written/drawn for guys who never ever got any in their life.