Monday, September 08, 2008

My Turn

After a week of taking care of a sick Sera and a sicker Magi, it's my turn. Sera came home from daycare with a cold last week, and Magi wasted no time in picking it up. I stayed home with Sera, since I have way more sick days than Magi does, and then Magi stayed home when she needed to last week. I haven't missed any days for myself, but I certainly could have justified it today when I coughed for 45 minutes straight. I bought some cough drops and got it stopped, and I made it through the day, only to find that Sera has a runnier nose than she did when she was in the middle of being sick, along with a slight fever. So, I may be home with her again tomorrow. If I am, I'll post something more substantial.

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KC Ryan said...

I've been sitting for my nieces and nephews while their Mom fights cancer, and I have discovered that i no longer have the "Immunity to Kid's Diseases" at the twenty point level. More like a .12 .
Geez, I hate getting sick - but I hate getting only partially sick even more. I want to be wiped out so I can stay home! :) As opposed to just going to work and feeling like merde on toast. :)