Thursday, August 14, 2008

Breaking Away

I've had my bicycle for 14 days, and so far it is a total success for me! There were two days last week that I didn't ride because it was in the shop being fitted for our trailer hitch (and I was in Detroit to see the Tigers) and two days this week because school was about to start and I didn't leave work until almost 9:00 PM. Even with just riding for 10 of those 14 days, I have put 51 miles in so far, with a total of about 4.6 hours on the bike.

I'm learning a lot about the neighborhood I live in. There are about five good subdivisions to ride in; the main roads are way too busy for my tastes. One of the subdivisions is called Pheasant Pointe. It has street names that just crack me up. All the street names are either named after pheasants, or the dogs who hunt them. It also just happens to be the home of about seven South Bend and Mishawaka police officers. I see their cars everywhere.

I've only taken Sera in the trailer once so far, but she seemed to enjoy it.

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