Friday, April 20, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Tonight was Sera's first baseball game! We went to see the South Bend Silverhawks play the Cedar Rapids Kernels in South Bend, and it was just a beautiful night. The air was warm, the sun felt nice, and we saw friends at the game, some old and some new. After taking her to my middle school's track meet yesterday and watching her eyes light up with all the activity, I thought she might do okay at a baseball game. Boy, did she ever!

Sera was engaged from the moment we passed through the turnstyles. She laughed, watched the players, flirted with fans, and generally had fun. She made it all the way through the seventh inning stretch before she started to tire and that was just about 8:00, her bedtime. The only real problem she had was with Swoop, the Silverhawks' mascot. But that's okay, he looks like a big mangy pigeon to me, too. Here we are at the game:

My wife is wearing her Silverhawks cap because she lost her Tigers cap in China!

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